The guys over at Lightweight Performance have been around for quite some time but they really don’t get the recognition they should. To change that, recently, the folks at Auto Bild Sports Cars magazine have put the tuner’s latest creation to the test and the result was a mind-blowing performance, with the BMW M2 CSR becoming the fastest BMW ever to go around the Sachsenring.

The Sachsenring might not be a track as widely known as the Nurburgring but even so, the lap time the enhanced M2 put down is just mind-blowing and we can’t wait to see someone taking the car out on the Green Hell to see what it’s capable of. In the meantime, we’ll tell you that the M2 CSR managed to post a lap time of 1:29.73 on the Sachsenring, becoming the fastest BMW ever to go round the 3.7-kilometer track.

As for the car itself, it’s a bit of a longshot to still call it a BMW M2 and we even told you about it a while back. Few bits and pieces are still in the same place as they were when the car left the plant in Leipzig. First of all, the weight factor had to be adjusted as we are talking about a car made by Lightweight Performance, after all. Therefore, a total of 125 kg or 276 lbs were shaved off the car’s hips thanks mostly to carbon fiber being used virtually everywhere possible. The rear seats were deleted in the process as well while a roll cage showed up in their stead.

At the same time, the engine was swapped with an S55 unit similar to the one used on the M4 GTS. I’m saying similar because while it does use the same water-injection system, it was tuned to deliver 600 HP and 737 Nm (543 ft-lb) of torque. Of course, the brakes had to be changed as well as were the dampers, exhaust, intake and so on. The end result is a proper beast that comes with an accordingly high price tag: 200,000 Euros. Yes, that is a lot but then again, this is an M2 that does 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.5 seconds and goes round the Sachsenring in 1:29.73. To put things in perpective think of it this way: the BMW M4 GTS goes around the same track in 1:33.17, the McLaren 720S 1:29:46 while the Ferrari 488 GTB does it in 1:30.99.