The launch of the BMW M2 marked an important moment in the recent history of BMW M as it showed the German brand can still make fun, small and light Coupes that can blow you away. But the BMW crowd is always looking for more hardcore model and, almost as soon as the M2 came out, rumors about a possible CSL version started going around.

Power was never an issue on M cars but weight did start to cause some headaches and that’s why we’re being treated with an assortment of special edition models that are looking to mend things in all the right areas. We received the BMW M4 GTS which is clearly a track focused car aiming at lowering its own kerb weight, but there’s been no official word on whether the M2 will get the same treatment.

Tuners around the world can therefore step in and offer customers with deep pockets the lightweight BMW M2 they desire. One of them is Lightweight, who put together a new M2 build. According to them, the focus of this project was to get the M2’s weight down under 1,400 kg (3,086 lbs) and apparently they succeeded. The BMW M2 CSR tips the scale at 1,371 kg (3,022 lbs), thanks to a plethora of lightweight components.

The roof is now made of carbon fiber, copying the BMW M4 GTS in this regard, while the hood, trunk lid and doors follow the same recipe. The same material was also used for the extendable front spoiler, the rear end wing and engine cover. The interior also received some carbon fiber goodies, as one would expect at this point. Carbon ceramic brakes cut some more valuable kilos off the grand total as does the titanium exhaust system among others.

As far as technical changes go, Lightweight decided to add an S55 engine to the mix along with water injection, just as you’d find on the BMW M4 GTS. A set of upgraded turbos and a new intake system increased the power output to no less than 621 PS and a stunning 767 Nm (568 lb-ft) of torque. However, after a couple of test runs, the power was reduced to 598 PS and 737 Nm (544 lb-ft) of torque to make the car easier to drive as the chassis was getting overwhelmed. All in all, this is definitely a worthy stand-in until we get to see the upcoming BMW M2 CS.

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