Over the weekend, Lightweight Performance revealed their LW M2 project based on the BMW M2 F87 and thus presenting one of the sharpest tuning versions of the compact sports car. Even at a first glance, the modified M2 looks particularly independent from the standard M2 because Lightweight Performance has given the sports coupe an interesting decorative livery, along with more aggressive parts. The black-colored kidneys are optically connected directly with the headlights and the side air intakes are further emphasized by a black stripe. At the front end, the bumper has been also slightly modified and adorned with blacked-out carbon fiber parts.

The small, yet effective updates make the BMW M2 look even wider in the rear view mirror, which is quite remarkable given the already stout fenders. And knowing the folks at Lightweight Performance, the big spoiler on the trunk hood is anything but decorative. Together with the other aero parts, the wing improves stability at high speeds while providing additional downforce.

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The drivetrain of the BMW M2 has also been modified by the tuning shop to deliver more oomph. Instead of the standard 370 horsepower, Lightweight Performance’s kit will deliver a full 450 hp, which is realized mainly by means of a modified air intake and 300-cell downpipes. The six-cylinder sound benefits from a titanium muffler with carbon end tips, clearly differentiating the LW M2 from the base car.

lightweight-performance-bmw-m2-f87-lw-m2-tuning-09 lightweight-performance-bmw-m2-f87-lw-m2-tuning-08

The opponent for the more powerful engine is hiding behind the 19-inch forged wheels, since the LW M2 was equipped with a more powerful braking system. Given its maximum speed of 297 km/h, the additional stopping power is a welcome addition.

[Source: Bimmertoday]