BMW has recently been on a roll when it comes to marketing done right with online videos. The big centerfold was without a doubt the massive campaign around M products, conducted mainly in the US. The unapologetic clips took the politically correct world we live in today by storm without being rude in any way but by creatively showcasing the things that we love about M cars while also highlighting their flaws.

Now it seems like the recent infusion of creativity has hit Europe as well, as the video below could be very well used to teach cinematography students how to properly infuse passion for a brand into the brain of the viewer. The rapid succession of shots, dynamic way the video is presented and the exhaust sounds make for a great combination. Furthermore, the colors of the BMW M cars could easily be used to promote the Individual catalogue.

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Sure, some M models are left out and we’re looking at the BMW M2 unfortunately, the M car that has the most limited color choice out there. Leaving that aside, the footage was shot on some rather beautiful mountain roads, covering three countries in three days. There were 32 drivers involved and some other 80 employees from BMW, all of them taking part in this trip which started on a closed airfield in Portorož.

In the end, judging by the faces of those sitting behind the wheel we can easily conclude that the trip was a success and we get to see the entire BMW range out at play. From the M2 to the M3, M4 and so on, up to the M760Li xDrive, the army of cars conquering Italy, Slovakia and Croatia is pretty darn impressive. Even the helicopters were wearing the most powerful letter in the world!