As you probably already know, BMW’s marketing team has apparently been given the green light to have some fun and walk on the unbeaten path lately, bringing out what may very well be the best commercials we’ve seen from the Germans in the last couple of years. I personally didn’t laugh so hard at a BMW commercial since the famous short film, “Star”, featuring Madonna and the E39 M5 was put out more than 10 years ago. The latest is no exception.

Earlier this year we saw the BMW M commercial making fun of people saying M cars are too low, a feature that may lead to rather uncomfortable situations when stopping at a red light, for example. Seeing cyclists in their tight pants right next to your face while you’re waiting for the light to turn green might not be the most enjoyable way to spend a couple of seconds. And yet, this time around, the commercial we’re looking at shows the bright side of things.

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I’m sure that a lot of readers have had this scenario happen to them at least once or twice, even if they’re ashamed to admit it. Whenever you stop at a crosswalk, especially during hot summer days, you may find yourself checking out the people striding right in front of you. Maybe you don’t always do it but it can happen from time to time. That’s the silver lining of riding low, if you will. That is, if you’re lucky to see something you like, as that’s not always the case.

As for the commercial we’re talking about here, let’s just say there’s a twist to it but I won’t go into details, as I think it may be best if you discover what it is on your own. That said, enjoy and let us know what you think after you make the jump!