It’s no secret that we’re excited about the upcoming BMW 8 Series. Not only is it the second coming of a car that many enthusiasts hold dear, despite that car’s many flaws, but the concept that spawned its design is very, very pretty. The 8 Series Concept is one of the prettier concept cars to come from Bavaria in a long time and it gives us hope for the production car. So any render of a production 8 Series based off of the concept is something we’re going to be interested in.

This new render from shows what a production-ready 8 Series might look like if it were based heavily on the concept. In fact, it’s basically just the concept car with more normal looking Kidney Grilles. That’s not bad thing, though, as we’re hoping this is exactly what BMW ends up doing with the 8 Series.

In this render, the 8 Series Concept gets more realistic looking grilles, headlights and front air intakes. However, it seems as if the rest remains. It also looks damn good. If the 8 Series ends up looking like this render, it might be the prettiest GT coupe on the market. It has all the right proportions, a pretty face and muscular wheel arches. It’s the full package.

BMW 8 Series Concept at Pebble Beach

There’s no word on when we’ll see the 8 Series for real, as BMW hasn’t announced a release yet. But its release is imminent and we’re having a hard time controlling our excitement. We also haven’t been given and concrete info on powertrains but it’s not hard to venture a guess. Expect a 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 in the BMW 840i, a twin-turbo V8 in something like an M850i and then the full-blown BMW M8, which may get its very own, brand-new twin-turbo V8, as last we heard of it, it didn’t sound like any BMW V8 currently on the market.

If you’re as excited about the upcoming 8er as we are, this new render will only add to that excitement. Hopefully, BMW keeps the production car as close to the concept as possible because, as this render proves, that would make it an absolute stunner.