BMW has slowly allowed more and more customization of new car orders into the US. Though common in Europe, it wasn’t until a few years back before BMW began allowing custom orders such as frozen paints to come to the United States. Today, we show you one wild looking Java Green Metallic M4 with a host of BMW M Performance Parts on it that rings in with a $94,390 MSRP.

BMW M USA “Build your own” site shows only four paints above the standard ones and they BMW individual colors for $1,950. However, Java Green Metallic and the frozen colors are not listed at all here. As you can see, the Monroney Label on this M4 shows, these special paints cost $5,200 assuming you can find a dealer willing to go through the trouble to order them for you.

Further customizing this Java Green Metallic M4 are some very nice BMW M Performance parts such as the $7,860 M Performance Package which includes the M Performance Exhaust with carbon fiber tips, carbon fiber rear spoiler, carbon fiber front aerokit.  Also added are Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps for $1,085, and M Lower rocker panel blades in black for $410 .

For those who have the means and don’t just want the plain old “run of the mill” M4, it’s good to see that BMW offers further customization. It just takes persistence in finding a dealer willing to go through the extra steps required. Further these custom orders do require extra time to be produced and you will find that not all dealers participate in such customization.