Chuck Vossler

Chuck Vossler is a News Editor and Video Editor at BMWBLOG. He joined the team in 2010 bringing his passion for BMW cars to a new audience. He’s also a member of the BMW Car Club of America and a contributor to the Roundel print magazine. Chuck enjoys working on BMW cars and especially loves driving them. Through his writing about BMW cars, he has met many fascinating people that design, build, race and maintain these wonderful cars. One of his best experiences with BMW was taking my E36 M3 on One Lap of America where we crisscrossed the country with other like minded car nuts, driving on race tracks all across the United States. He is passionate about cycling, completing several century rides.
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How to set your BMW i4 to charge off-peak

Charging your BMW i4, or any other electric vehicle, off-peak can save you a ton of money. That’s an even more accurate statement in areas of the country where electric utilities have Time of Use…

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BMW Sunglasses that Work with the Head-Up Display – Review

A few retailers, like Saks Fifth Avenue, quietly sell some BMW-branded sunglasses. Not only are these smart-looking sunglasses, they also function extremely well. Though the lenses are polarized, they have special manufacturing that allows them…

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How to Clean Your BMW Wheels

Keeping your BMW aluminum alloy wheels clean is a dirty but necessary job. This is especially true during the winter months when many places in the country use salt treatment on the roads to deal…

How to Precondition Your BMW Electric Vehicle

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2022 BMW M135i Hatch spotted with M Performance Parts

Earlier this month, we spotted just outside Amsterdam a gorgeous 2022 BMW M135i xDrive outfitted with a full complement of M Performance Parts. For 2022, BMW gave the M135i xDrive some significant upgrades under the…

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BMW i3 Saves Electric Riding Lawn Mower

These are strange times, strange times indeed. I just used our 2021 BMW i3s to help repair our electric riding lawn mower. Give me a moment to explain. Our electric lawn mower’s 5-year-old batteries decided…

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Getting Your BMW Ready for Winter

Winter is here and BMWBLOG has a list of essentials for your BMW. Just like with most cars, when you drive a BMW doesn’t mean you can just turn the ignition on and forget about the…