Internally coded as F39, the BMW X2 comes to cover an unknown segment for the German premium brand, that of the compact coupe SUVs. This is a five-door model that, unlike the X4 and X6, the coupe design will not be similar to these, but rather it will be dynamic, elegant and sporty as usual BMWs, with a lower roof line at style of the MINI or Range Rover Evoque.

It shares the UKL1 front-wheel drive platform with the BMW X1 and the new MINI Countryman. The X2 is one of the 23 completely new models we will see on this platform. Likewise, the new X2 will share range of engines from the X1, in gasoline and diesel, with blocks of three and four cylinders turbo with powers between 116 and 231 HP. Also, there will be a version of M Performance with a maximum power of 300 hp baptized as X2 M35i xDrive.

All versions will be front-wheel drive, the all-wheel drive xDrive will be optional, although most can only be combined with an automatic transmission. A six-speed manual transmission will be available for selected models.

Certainly the X2 is one of the X cars expected to make a difference in the overall sales. Priced somewhere between the X1 and X3, the X2 aims to attract new customers to the brand and capitalize on the success of the Range Rover Evoque and its trendy drivers. The X2 will be produced along with the new X1 at the Regensburg factory of BMW in Germany.

X2 sDrive 16dDiesel116 hp
X2 sDrive 18iGasoline140 hp
X2 sDrive 18dDiesel150 hp
X2 xDrive 18iGasoline140 hp
X2 xDrive 18dDiesel150 hp
X2 sDrive 20iGasoline192 hp
X2 sDrive 20dDiesel192 hp
X2 xDrive 20iGasoline192 hp
X2 xDrive 20dDiesel192 hp
X2 xDrive 25iGasoline231 hp
X2 xDrive 25dDiesel231 hp
X2 M35i xDriveGasoline300 hp