BMW introduced the second-generation X2 in October 2023 but deliveries to customers didn’t start until this past March. The Euro NCAP got its hands on a couple of cars to test how safe this new “U10” is in the event of a crash. Since it’s a mechanical twin of the X1 “U11”, it comes as no surprise the swoopy version also scored five stars. The conventionally shaped crossover earned a maximum rating back in 2022.

However, not all scores are identical. The X2 earned 85% in the Adult Occupant category while the X1 was slightly better, at 86%. The same goes for the Child Occupant (88% vs 89%). For the Safety Assist and Vulnerable Road Users categories, both posted the same results: 92% and 76%. Euro NCAP didn’t perform all the tests all over again since that would’ve been a waste of perfectly good cars. After all, the X1 is essentially the same vehicle underneath the skin, so why bother?

As for the test car they crashed, it was an entry-level X2 sDrive20i with front-wheel drive. Painted in Cape York Green and riding on 19-inch two-tone wheels, the swoopy SUV didn’t have the M Sport Package. These aftermath shots remind us of how big the X2 has gotten. For this reason, BMW recently confirmed plans to retire the X4 after this generation so as not to have two products that overlap.

The car tested by Euro NCAP weighed 1,589 kilograms (3,503 pounds), another stark reminder of the X2’s growth spurt. The X1 diesel with all-wheel drive tested a couple of years ago was even heavier, at 1,654 kg (3,646 lbs).

Attached below is footage of the new X2’s crash test combined with sections of Euro NCAP’s X1 evaluation from 2022. The full report about how the crossover-coupe fared can be found in the PDF document at the attached source link.

Source: Euro NCAP