The production of the BMW F39 X2 at the Regensburg plant will begin in just a few months. The market launch is planned around the turn of the year and it’s intended to enable Munich to make a strong start in 2018. The dynamic alternative to the worldwide extremely successful X1 is to appeal to a target group, which is less interested in the last liter of trunk volume, and more excited about driving a stylish SUV.

Due to its size and styling, the X2 is certainly less practical than its brother, resulting in very confined space conditions and reduced rear visibility. From the front end, the X1 resemblance is obvious, yet the design is sportier and more refined. Even in profile, it isn’t much different looking than the X1, without seeing the two side-by-side. It’s when you really get to see the tucked rear end and more aggressive roofline toward the C-pillar.

The greenhouse is also rejuvenated to the rear, which makes the rear fenders particularly muscular and therefore, the car sportier.

The technical changes compared to the X1 are less radical, as the BMW X2 also uses the proven BMW UKL architecture for vehicles with front-wheel drive. The transversely mounted three- and four-cylinder engines will, in the case of the X2, usually drive all four wheels as standard, but in addition to the xDrive variants, sDrive models with a front-wheel drive are also planned in the course of the lifecycle.

A sporty coronation is a BMW X2 M35i xDrive, which is to be equipped with a well over 300 hp strong turbo four-cylinder. A variant of the same engine will later also drive the BMW M135i F40, but the M performance variant of the third 1-generation is still somewhat further away than the Sport-X2.

In a recent spy video we see the BMW X2 F39 during test journeys in Spain, where the SUV obviously has to complete heat tests with a trailer attached.

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