BMW M GmbH looks back on a long, turbulent and rather rapid history. In a recent video, we see a part of the M development as an example of some of the most fascinating vehicles developed in Garching for the race track and for use on public roads. Under the slogan “Starting at incredible”, the video shows how the BMW M’s extremely powerful products have developed into the current fleet in the last few decades.

In the mixture of well-known video sequences, we see, among other things, the Formula 1 world champion Brabham BT-52, which was powered by a motor designed by legendary Paul Rosche. The classic M models in this video also include the M1 supercar, the first M3 generations – E30 and E36, the 1 Series M Coupé and the M3 GTS E92.

Of course, the video “Starting at incredible” also looks at the current model range. Starting from the compact BMW M2 over the driving dynamics champion M4 GTS and the luxury athletes M5 and M6, the range extends to the Power SUV BMW X5 M and X6 M. In a short scene, we also see the rear of the BMW M760Li xDrive , who holds up the flag of the M Performance Automobile and has definitely earned a place in the video with his 610 hp, and the status as the strongest BMW ever.

Perhaps the most interesting statement, however, is the signature “Expect /// More to come” at the end of the video, because of course, the film is not only here to celebrate the history of the M GmbH – but also to preview new chapters. In the coming months, we will be able to expect a number of innovations in this regard, from the BMW M4 CS to the first BMW M5 with all-wheel drive and carbon roof to the BMW X3 M, which is to continue the success story of strong SUVs from Garching.

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