The BMW tuning community is one of the largest in the world, thanks to its fan who often love to change the visuals and performance of their cars. And while some BMWs are in need for a visual upgrade, there is the other group of cars that are perfect just they way they are, like for example the M4 GTS.

But the owner of this beautiful Alpine White BMW M4 GTS who received his vehicle only a few weeks ago has decided to further personalize his racing car and headed over to AUTOCouture Motoring for some fine tuning.

Alpine White BMW M4 GTS Project Image 5 750x501

The build started off with visual modifications. These, in turn, give the M4 GTS an even more aggressive look. First, the PSM Dynamic rear diffuser and lower tray were installed. These help with additional rear section stability and improve cornering performance. Next on the upgrade list was a set of Sterckenn upper front fangs painted in Acid Orange. The 3D Design side skirts with Acid Orange CRT stripe were added to the vehicle next.

Alpine White BMW M4 GTS Project Image 2 750x501

In the rear, the owner decided to add additional height to the BMW M4 GTS wing. This was accomplished by a set of RKP black wing risers, giving the wing a bit more height while improving overall downforce too. Additionally, the exterior is graced with a set of HRE S101 forged wheels. These, lightweight and fitment perfect wheels add that classy touch to the vehicle, giving it a perfectly rounded up tuning theme as well.

Alpine White BMW M4 GTS Project

Acid Orange was used throughout the entire build, from the engine intake to the Eventuri seat backs and the AutoTecknic shift paddles, to the OEM Steering wheel trim painted in the same Acid Orange and, even the roll bar, finished in the same color scheme.

Alpine White BMW M4 GTS Project

The final touch for this build is the OEM fire extinguisher added to the bottom plate of the rollbar, ensuring that the owner has all the help he can get, if the situation asks for.

Alpine White BMW M4 GTS Project

Check out the full media gallery of this build right below.