VIDEO: Carbuyer drives the Alfa Romeo Giulia diesel

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We haven’t seen much about the standard Alfa Romeo Giulia since its debut last year. Understandably so, most car enthusiasts want to hear about the …

We haven’t seen much about the standard Alfa Romeo Giulia since its debut last year. Understandably so, most car enthusiasts want to hear about the Quadrifoglio, the 503 hp M3-fighting monster. However, the standard car is arguably more important because it’s the car that most people are going to buy and the one that will compete with BMW’s very popular 3 Series, Mercedes’ highly coveted C-Class and Audi’s extremely well-rounded A4. In this new video from Carbuyer, we get a good look at the 3 Series’ newest Italian competitor.

While the Giulia Quadrifoglio is expected to be stunning looking, even the standard car is quite pretty. The rest of the segment has gone for sharp lines and scientific looking angles. However, the Giulia features subtle curves and round edges. There doesn’t seem to be a sharp angle on it and that makes it prettier than its competition. I think it could use better looking wheels than the car in this video is wearing.

On the inside, the design is fresh. As a whole, it looks quite different from its competitors. Though, it does steal some design elements from other cars, such as its infotainment screen with is a clear copy of BMW’s iDrive. The only real complaint with the Giulia’s cabin is that some of its quality lacks, such as the infotainment screen and buttons, and there are some scratchy plastics down low. Aside from that, though, and the Giulia’s cabin is a nice place to be.

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In terms of driving dynamics, it’s right up there with the best in the segment. Many enthusiasts feel as if the Jaguar XE is the best driving car in the class and this Giulia is right there with it. The 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel in this car can be a bit growly, but it has good power and hustles the car well. Alfa uses a ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic transmission, as does everyone else now. It works perfectly well in Giulia form and has wonderful aluminum paddles mounted to┬áthe steering column.

As for practicality, the Giulia can’t quite match some of its German rivals. The trunk is nicely size and has a good opening but its back seat can be cramped. The rear seats cannot accommodate three adults and headroom is rather cramped. Though, three adults would be difficult to fit in the back of any car in the segment, head and leg room are better in the 3 Series and A4.

Overall, the Alfa Romeo Giulia would be a fine car for anyone who wants a premium sport sedan with a bit more character than the typical Germans.

19 responses to “VIDEO: Carbuyer drives the Alfa Romeo Giulia diesel”

  1. Davide F. says:

    Motor Trend just did a review with every single competitor. The Alfa came first.
    8. Volvo
    9. Infiniti

    The Alfas was fastest, handled the best and most fuel efficient. All these stats are available in the review. The BMW wasn’t even close.

    0-60 in 5 flat, 104mpg trap speed and 30mpg

    • This was a diesel and not the same engine as in the MT test. But yes, it’s a very good car.

    • guest says:

      Alfa finished 3rd of 3 in AutoExpress, after XE & 3. Jalopnik & Chris Harris give 320i the nod with stick & M package. Different permutations, different results.

      • Davide F. says:

        Chris Harris chose giulia over m2 and m4 gts, Clarkson bought one and Chris Evans loves the Quad.

        The m3 isn’t in the same league

        • guest says:

          I was referencing the MT test, not the high end model that broke down for them & Car and Driver.

          • Davide F. says:

            Rod bearing and timing chain issues on m3s? Everyone is familiar with those too :)

          • guest says:

            No, not Everyone.

          • Davide F. says:

            I guess you haven’t worked in bmw dealership then…I have

          • guest says:

            Three, where there are multiple dealerships & maintenance is included for 4 years.

          • guest says:

            In fact one of my employers built a new dealership in 2008 in anticipation of FCA’s returning Alfa to this market. Fortunately he also sells Maseratis & Ferraris, given the delays with Alfa he’d have had no revenue for most of the past decade. This & the brand’s European JD Power results are just two reasons I’m sceptical. Love the C4, seldom see one.

          • guest says:

            That FCA have been unsuccessfully seeking corporate partnership for some time now is also not encouraging.

    • Dailybimmer says:

      And in the auto motor und sport, a german car magazine, Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2 D finished as 4th from 4.
      3 place went to Bmw 320d,
      second was Mercedes C250 d, first place Audi A4 2.0TDI.

      • Davide F. says:

        German magazine lol

        Diesel models don’t sell in North America. Where performance counts, Giulia QV and 2.0 Tb easily spank the competition.

        • guest says:

          And reliability? Who gets spanked then? Owners? Or FCA, covering warranty claims?

          • Davide F. says:

            90% are leased over 3 years….maybe you should read the booklet…4yr warranty on all these cars. Bmw is far from being a Lexus.

            In the meantime enjoy your fwd x1 with leatherette

          • guest says:

            Only BMW I have owned was an e9, full leather, though I would gladly take an X1 over any FCA. Is it your Alfa ownership experience that makes you so bitter?

  2. Dailybimmer says:

    Alfa Romeo looks from the front like Hyundai from the behind.….0…

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