Alfa Romeo hasn’t made a rear-wheel drive sedan in about 25 years. That’s changed now with the debut of the Giulia sedan. While the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, the 503 hp performance variant, is the one gaining all of the attention, the standard Giulia sedan is going to be the one that makes the new model successful. So what’s the standard car like to drive? Carwow finds out.

One thing that’s impressive is that even the standard car is stunning. With typical Italian flare, the Alfa Giulia is far more interesting looking than any of its German competitors and on par with the fantastic-looking Jaguar XE. Those looks continue onto the interior as well, as the cabin is beautifully trimmed and the design is different and interesting. I also personally love how the interior controls and infotainment screen are canted toward the driver, in an old-school BMW fashion.

Admittedly, the Alfa lacks the sort of build quality and fit/finish of its German rivals. There are some cheaper materials on the inside along with some switchgear that feels a bit flimsy, such as the scroll-wheel controller for the infotainment system. Speaking of infotainment, while Alfa’s system isn’t bad, it lacks the sort of clarity and functionality of its rivals.

As far as the way it drives, it’s very sporty. The steering is incredibly sharp and precise and body motions are kept in check. This is definitely in contention for the sportiest car in the bunch. Though, it doesn’t seem to be as comfortable or refined as its German rivals and the cabin can be a bit noisy.

All in all, the Alfa Romeo Giulia seems like a great overall car and one that can genuinely rival the BMW 3 Series. While it has some quality issues and might not have the refinement of its competitors from Germany, it has a character and soul that zee Germans can’t match. It’s also very different and fantastic looking. So if a customer is more interested in soul, passion and character over sensibility, quality and refinement, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the choice.