It’s clear that BMW is looking to get more into the luxury car game, as the Bavarian brand is already in the process of developing an X7 SUV and an 8 Series to compete with the Mercedes S-Class Coupe. So it’s obvious that BMW is looking to expand its high-end luxury offerings. Apparently, the Bavarians are looking to push the bar even further than that, as it’s now been rumored that BMW will be developing extra luxurious variants of its high-end models.

That means that the BMW 7 Series and future X7 and 8 Series will each have a more upscale trim level that adds even more luxury than standard. Now, let’s preface this by saying that none of this has been confirmed, nor are there any actual details as to what these models could be or come with.

While BMW has yet to greenlight anything, it’s certainly a possibility. Also, even though we don’t have any details or official information, we can speculate. It could possibly something similar to Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach models. It could be some sort of luxury level higher than the BMW Individual Program and it could offer a lot of bespoke customization, such as in a Rolls Royce. It may even work with Rolls a bit.

For the BMW X7, we already know this will mean a big SUV but one with only seating for four. The reason for that would be much like most high-end cars, as it offers more back seat space and luxury. So instead of a third seat in the rear, there would just be a fancy armrest with a 7 Series-like touchscreen tablet.

BMW-Solitaire and Master Class Edition-7-Series-34

It’s no secret BMW is working hard to provide more luxury offerings, hence the creation of the X7 and 8 Series. But, with Mercedes-Benz making Maybach-edition models, there seems to be another market for ultra-high end luxury cars that sit underneath brands like Bentley and Rolls Royce. BMW could capitalize on that market with ultra high-end variants of its most luxurious cars.