In two years time BMW will add a new SUV to their lineup, but not just any SUV. The X7 will be the flagship model of the X family and one that will open new markets for the Bavarians. The high-end truck will take on the likes of Range Rover and Bentley Bentayga, two models that have cornered that part of the luxury SUV market.

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To cater to a wide range of potential X7 customers, BMW is planning two variants – a seven-seat entry model and a four-seat ultraluxury version. The X7 is being developed at the same as time as Rolls-Royce’s first SUV, but the two will not share the same platform.

The seven-seat BMW X7 that will be based on the same platform as the flagship 7 Series limousine. Yet, they will use similar BMW components including rear- and all-wheel-drive systems.

Under the hood, the X7 lineup will make use of six and eight-cylinder engines, plus a hybrid drivetrain. A flagship V12 engine is also being considered. Furthermore, our own sources say that an X7 M is being talked about, but no official sign-off, as of today.

The X7’s engines will be similar to those of the 7 series: six- and eight-cylinder and a hybrid. A high-performance V-12 is also possible. According to reports, about 45,000 X7s will be built annually at BMW’s factory in Spartanburg, S.C.

BMW sources say the ultra-luxurious X7 will cost over $100,000, but not reach the $200,000 mark seen in the competitors’ range.

U.S. sales of the X7 are expected to begin in early 2019 at its factory in Spartanburg.

[Source: Autonews]