We’re all away of the upcoming BMW behemoth, the BMW X7, as the Bavarians attempt to take on the Mercedes-Benz GLS Class. The X7 will be a seven-seat SUV that will serve as the flagship for Bavarian SUVs and will pack luxury and tech comparable to the BMW 7 Series. We don’t have any official info from our sources as to what we can expect, powertrain and technology-wise, but we do have a good idea. And, thanks to some recently surfaced spy photos, we can get a small glimpse as to what it will look like.

Admittedly, we can’t see much because this X7 is heavily camouflaged, but it’s enough to get a general idea. The first thing we notice is the size. While it seems to have the same proportions and overall shape of the BMW X5, it certainly seems bigger. This X7 prototype looks quite massive and equally as massive as every other car in its class.

It shouldn’t be as heavy as it looks, though. Based on BMW’s new CLAR (cluster architecture) platform, the BMW X7 will feature extensive uses of carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium in its construction, making it lighter than SUVs of its size typically are.

It’s hard to really make anything out, in terms of its design, thanks to all of the camo, though. We can see that it will likely have massive kidney grilles, as they’re pretty hilariously-sized on the 7 Series and this X7 will be even bigger. We can also sort of make out the Hofmeister Kink in the D-pillar through the camo, but it’s not incredibly clear.

While we can’t see the design all that clearly, expect it to look very similar to the BMW X5 with some 7 Series touches thrown in. Unfortunately, expect the sort of “hockey stick” chrome trim down the side of the car that BMW needs to do something else with because it really does look like shiny hockey stick glued to the car.

Aside from those few details, there’s very little we can tell about this X7 tester. We don’t own the spy photos so you can see them here.

[Source: MotorAuthority]