This summer, the BMW M135i and M235i models were replaced by even more potent successors that are aiming at providing more thrills for your buck in a compact package. The BMW M240i and M140i seemed to get only slight upgrades at first, but taking a closer look revealed there’s more to this switch than just changing the badges on the tailgate.

That said, we took a brand new BMW M140i out for a spin earlier this year and found it extremely enjoyable. The differences compared to its predecessor, the BMW M135i, were instantly recognizable and they have made for a better car. Since the BMW M240i is basically built atop the same platform, can the same be said about the Coupe?


Apparently, yes, according to the guys at The Inside Line. They took the new M Performance M240i Coupe out for a spin, with a proper manual gearbox and they weren’t disappointed. The new B58 3-liter straight six engine was the biggest improvement they noticed, just as we did. And while the 14 extra horsepower and the 32 lb-ft of torque piled on might now seem like much, it’s the way they are delivered that takes you by surprise.

Driving these two beasts, especially without xDrive all-wheel drive, can make for quite some interesting adventures. The rear tires are overwhelmed quite easily and you’ll be seeing the DSC yellow light popping up in your instrument cluster all the time. But it’s all fun and games, as this monster on four wheels is a real adrenaline-infusing machine as soon as you start it up.

The best part about it, though? It’s a fairly affordable one. According to the guys from Inside Line, the BMW M240i is a bargain for the kind of performance it brings to the table and we can’t but agree with their conclusion.