When one thinks of G-Power, the mind instantly brings to focus outrageous levels of power because, let’s be honest, that’s what made the German tuner famous. Their Hurricane models with near 1,000 HP outputs are famous around the world but now, the company is looking to expand its portfolio. For starters, they are now offering aero parts made of carbon fiber for the BMW M3 and M4 models.

Made from carbon fiber and with a motorsport inspired design the aerodynamic components from G-Power come in different variations. There’s the G-Power ‘RS’ front spoiler, the ‘CS’ front splitter, and ‘CS’ rear diffuser that help give the M3/M4 its more menacing look. Then there’s the ‘CS’ boot mounted spoiler providing a matching finish.


According to the tuner, their parts are also functional, reducing lift over both axles when the cars are being pushed to the limit. Offering more stability at high speeds, the products offered now by G-Power are also quite cheap compared to those offered by rivaling companies. For example, the CS front splitter for the F80 M3 costs just 535 Euros while the front spoiler for the same car will set you back 1,850 Euros.

For the M4 the same prices apply while the rear ‘CS’ spoiler will set you back 470 Euros. Of course, the G-Power treatment can also include a power kit or a set of wheels but for now, we’ll just stick to the aero bits and pieces, for a rather small and subtle change rather than a full-on upgrade. If you do want your car to look exactly like the one in the pictures below, you’ll also need a set of 21×9 inch HURRICANE RR wheels which will set you back an additional 9,103 Euros.