In the recent Driver’s Car of the Year awards run by the guys from Motor Trend, we saw a BMW going up against some fierce competition from 11 other manufacturers. Among them you could spot the most powerful Jaguar ever made, the F-Type SVR model and we all saw how the two compared against each other. But what would happen if there was a BMW F80 M3 instead of the M4 GTS going up against a more toned down F-Type R on the drag strip?

Of course, at first, you will think that 431 HP couldn’t possibly be a match for the massive 550 HP of the supercharged 5-liter V8 under the hood of the Jaguar, right? Well, there’s more than just pure horsepower readings that matter in a drag race and on the track, isn’t it? That’s not to say that what you’re about to see can be replicated with a stock M3 though.


That’s because the car in the footage here has been tuned by Schmiedmann and it seems to be capable of putting down 475 WHP according to the video description. That’s about 510 HP at the crank, therefore reducing the power difference between the two cars competing here to about 40 HP. Of course, the torque figure would still be favoring the Brit but then again, as surprising as it may seem, the Bimmer is also lighter on its feet, despite its four seats and four doors.

Chip in the faster DCT gearbox of the Bavarian machine and this race will be closer than you’d expect. If you’re one to bet, we’re guessing you’re having a really hard time deciding which one to bank on before watching the video. Could the extra horsepower of the Jaguar help it win the race or will it be all about weight and gearbox speed? Let’s see then, shall we?