For many, adding a supercharger to a BMW E92 M3 is the most efficient and cost effective way of creating a track beast. In recent months, there’s been a lot of E92 M3 builds floating around, mostly due to their fairly affordable pricing – when compared to the new-generation M3s. Now, European Auto Source have wrapped up another build, showcasing a supercharger setup. The end result is a powerful, torque happy and beastly sounding M3.

Nicely tucked inside the engine bay of this 2009 Space Grey Metallic E92 M3 is ESS Tuning VT2-625 Supercharger kit. The ESS VT2-625 kit is the way to go for owners that are seeking an inter-cooled supercharged solution for their vehicle. Even though the end result is impacted by ambient temperature, engine components and per-build basis, the goal is to achieve about 625 horsepower – at the crank – for this vehicle. After many supercharge installs by the tuning company, it’s evident that the kit does an excellent job at just that.

Space Grey Metallic BMW E92 M3f

This kit comes with a supercharger unit from Vortech. Specifically, the V3Si unit, but with ESS Tuning’s own hardware. It works properly thanks to the tune which ESS Tuning created specifically for supercharged S65 engines. Included as part of the system is their very own ESS MSS60 engine control software that is perfectly calibrated for the supercharged engine. In turn, this provides the optimum ignition timing under all conditions, a re-calibrated EGas for a quicker throttle response, a re-calibrated VANOS control and the perfectly optimized fuel delivery – supplied by eight larger Bosch Motorsport injectors.

Space Grey Metallic BMW E92 M3

The BMW E92 M3 performs in the same manner as a stock vehicle; under small loads its tame and quiet, but when you stomp on the pedal, all hell breaks loose. Consequently, it provides great power delivery that’s accompanied by acceleration that is usually reserved for pure race cars.

The system maintains all OBD-II functions and it is backed by a comprehensive two-year, unlimited mileage warranty program. Installation of the system takes roughly 8-14 hours using normal hand tools and no irreversible modifications to the car are made.

Space Grey Metallic BMW E92 M3