The BMW M3 is an icon for a number of reasons. The most important one that makes all M cars great is the fact that you’d be driving a multipurpose car. Few models out there can offer the versatility of an M model that can be used as a daily driver but also as a track car without having to modify it in any way. But could you use the M3 for… say cooking?

Well, maybe not but the video attached below certainly is entertaining. Boosted Boris is a Youtube content creator that seems to have moved to the Nurburgring. The man posts videos from the famous racetrack at a rapid pace and, seemingly running out of ideas, he asked his audience for questions or challenges that he could do in front of a camera.


That said, you can only imagine what the ‘creative’ followers can come up with, right? The car is actually amazing but that didn’t stop Boris from asking the wrong questions. Leaving his jokes aside, this thing is a beast. Carbon fiber was used everywhere, from the aero blades up front to the huge wing on the boot lid and the door panels, weight saving was one of the main goals of building this car.

The engine wasn’t drastically upgraded, as the feel of the naturally aspirated V8 was yet another key element to be kept along. However, the owner does tell us that the car now makes about 500 HP thanks to various mods done to the intake and exhaust. Considering how much weight this thing shed and how much was invested in its aerodynamics, we reckon it’s a damn fast thing to take around the Ring.

And if going fast isn’t your cup of tea, you can also cut croissants with its aero blades, as Boris more than enthusiastically showcases at the end of the video.