The guys from Armytrix usually put together exhausts that make your car so loud, it becomes illegal to drive. They have somehow mastered this art of creating obnoxiously loud cars and BMWs seem to be a big part of their success. The thing that brought us here today though is a comparison between the E92 M3 and its younger brother, the M4, in terms of exhaust noise.

And while the uploader wanted to make this a rev battle, the game was pretty much over when the owner/driver of the BMW E92 M3 decided to rev his car with reckless abandon. Yes, this is not a comparison per say or even a competition between the two cars. This is more of a showcase of how loud a V8 can become with an Armytrix exhaust.


Now, to be fair, comparing the old M3 with the current M4 is not exactly right. That’s because the engines they use are drastically different. While the E92 M3 relied on a naturally aspirated 4-liter V8 to get around, the M4 uses a straight six that also comes with two turbochargers and, therefore, some forced induction noise.

So, comparing the two would be like comparing apples and oranges and not nearly as close to fair as some would imagine. It’s quite visible in the video below as well, since we almost can’t hear the M4 at all next to its loud-mouth brother. When it comes to performance though, things are quite the opposite but that’s a different discussion entirely.