It’s pretty obvious that the Pokemon Go mania took over the world in just a couple of days since the app’s launch. How does that intertwine with the car enthusiast world? In ways you wouldn’t expect, that’s the short answer. One fan of the game and of cars decided it was a good idea to go for a trip around the Nurburgring in a BMW M3 to see what kind of Pokemon he could find.

In his attempt, Boosted Boris, a Youtube celebrity, decided to enlist the help of Dale Lomas, a man that basically lives on the Nurburgring. He’s well known for his videos taken around the famous Green Hell, doing all sorts of time attack laps. He’s also using his F80 M3 to offer taxi rides for those wanting to experience the Ring but who can’t afford a sports car.


Therefore, the two jumped in the car, with Dale behind the wheel and Boris on the passenger seat, eyes fixed on the screen of his smartphone, in search of Pokemon. There were plenty of them to pick up on the 13-mile long track and, of course, that led to an abnormal amount of stops or moments when the car had to be slowed down to a crawl to be more precise.

This might’ve been actually dangerous on a track where people tend to drive as fast as possible. However, the decision to pick Dale to drive the car was an inspired one as he knows the Nurburgring like the back of his hand and was aware of the places where it was safe to slow down or not. Of course, we would’ve also loved to see the faces of the people driving by, watching a BMW M3 Ring Taxi driving well below the speeds these cars are used to. Either way, if you’re a fan of Pokemon Go and BMWs, this is how the two mix.