It was November 2009 when BMW announced the introduction of the famed E92 M3 GTS and people were stunned. The car brought forward performance levels never-before seen on an M3 and that wasn’t the only thing people loved about it. The exterior color was brand new as well and it was called Fire Orange, a name that was somehow burned into any BMW enthusiast’s brain. Why are we mentioning this? Because the M4 Convertible we’re about to show you was done in this same color.

While back in the late 2000s, the Fire Orange color was something reserved for the M3 GTS, today you can have it on almost any car out of the BMW range, thanks to the Individual program. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look remotely as good on just about any car as it did on the hardcore M3 model back in the day. The BMW M4 Convertible, however, manages to pull it off.


The car that came in to the European Auto Source shop was dressed in Fire Orange and received some well-needed upgrades to make sure it both talks the talk and walks the walk when needed. The guys fitted the drop top with a set of Evolution Racewerks catless downpipes, an ESS Tuning S55 stage 1 performance ECU software, an EAS intercooler trim plate (ITP), BMC air filters  and an M Performance ZCP trunk badge.

One-Of-A-Kind: BMW M3 Manufactur Edition in Fire Orange II

All in all, the new ECU map should provide a boost in HP taking the total output of the 3-liter straight six engine up over the 500 HP benchmark as well as increase the torque figure to no less than 470 lb-ft (640 Nm). That’s a decent increase considering it’s being done without any hardware changes. Combined with the dashing color on the outside and the carefully picked details inside, this is truly a stunning BMW M4 Convertible.