From Czech Republic come two of BMW’s best M3 cars. A stock E92 M3 with a manual transmission is being compared to the pinnacle of the E9x M3 series – the M3 GTS. Before the M4 GTS, BMW built another GTS edition, the E92 M3 GTS which was launched in 2009 and went on sale the following year. The BMW M3 GTS is powered by a 4.4-liter high-revving V8 – the spectacular naturally aspirated powerplant which won many awards.

With only 150 units ever built and sold globally, the M3 GTS is a rarity on the roads and when spotted, it always turns heads.


The 150 units of the race-oriented M3 GTS went to private owners, racing companies and tuners, and successfully ran in some European racing series.

This particular one comes equipped with an Akrapovic exhaust system delivering what we believe is the best M sound in the last decade.


Its counterpart is the standard E92 M3 which is also powered by the S65 V8 which was named International Engine Of The Year from 2008-2012 in the 3.0 – 4.0 liter category. Performance wise, the E92 M3 is a monster on track and on the road, some magazine tests show 0 to 60 times of 3.9 seconds for the DCT-equipped models.

The video below gives us a closer look at the engine sound of the two cars.

[Photos: Sam Marecek]