Five years later and the extremely limited BMW E92 M3 GTS is still worth close to $200,000. A listing on Pistonheads shows one of the only seven M3 GTS models ever sold in the United Kingdom. The car has incredible low miles for a five year old car – 6350 – with an equally incredible price – 125,000 British Pounds or around $190,000.

Just like the new BMW M4 GTS will, the M3 GTS set the course for BMW M for a long series of Special Models based on the E92 M3 middle-class athlete. The special GTS was launched in 2009 and went on sale the following year. Despite some technical differences, both the M3 GTS and M4 GTS have in common a radical approach to what a street legal racing car should be and they both deliver impressive track performance.

The most important difference relates to the engine; the BMW M3 GTS is powered by a 4.4-liter high-revving V8 – the spectacular naturally aspirated powerplant which won many awards – while the new BMW M4 GTS uses a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine with 3.0 liter displacement. Despite a smaller displacement, the S55 engine in the M4 GTS produces 16 percent more power than the V8 in the M3 GTS, mostly thanks to water injection system.

With only 150 units ever built and sold globally, the M3 GTS is a rarity on the roads and when spotted, it always turns heads.

The 150 units of the race-oriented M3 GTS went to private owners, racing companies and tuners, and successfully ran in some European racing series.