Japanese tuner 3D Design is known for bringing out some of the most stylish and elegant kits for the BMW brand. The company released a couple of new parts for the BMW F48 X1 earlier this week and they fall right within their pattern of keeping things classy. Unfortunately, for now, only a few add-ons are available but we’re guessing the list will grow in the near future.

The reason for our optimism lies in the popularity of the new X1. The crossover posted incredibly good sales and it is one of the best-performing models in BMW’s range even though it left rear-wheel drive and 3-liter atmospheric engines behind. It seems like people didn’t really care and the new F48 front-wheel drive X1 is doing better than ever.


While for us technical details like that might make more of a difference, for the vast majority of the rest of the world, the looks are selling cars more than anything else. And this is one department where the X1 truly shines. The new model looks good from any angle you may choose to check it out from. Its front fascia is aggressive and elegant at the same time, more so with 3D Design‘s new front lip as you can see in these photos. The add-on is made of urethane, the traditional material the Japanese use for their aerodynamic kits and it’s only compatible with the M Sport package.

At the back of the current X1, your attention will be caught by the sleek new taillights that look brilliant no matter if we’re dealing with an M Sport model or not. On this particular car though, the 3D Design roof spoiler makes everything better. Made of the same material – urethane – this add-on is available for all models, no matter if they have the M badge on the front fenders. Both parts are now available at authorized 3D Design sellers.