The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is arguably the best looking model in the line-up of the Bavarian manufacturer today. Get it in M6 guise and things are looking even better, with massive air vents up front and big wheel arches to go with the extra power. The guys from Wald recently took the veils off their Black Bison kit for the Gran Coupe and things are looking surprisingly decent.

The Wald Black Bison models usually have outrageous features, looking as aggressive as possible and featuring massive… everything. From the front bumpers to the side skirts and rear bumpers, Wald creations are usually just mind boggling. With the BMW, the Japanese decided to go about it a different way and we have to admit we like what they’ve come up with.


“‘Black Bison’ is named from its powerful body line designed by WALD International, and this word reminds us of the bison galloping across the wasteland, bravely. This aggressive face-line looks like the Bison which has held up through some desperate struggle,” says the official website of the company. Apparently, there was some trouble in store for the company that will now be overcome thanks to this new kit.

As for the design itself, it will turn any 6 Series Gran Coupe into an M6 from a visual point of view. The front bumper features wider air intakes as well as a new splitter while round the back you’ll notice the quad exhausts and layered setup. Things do get a bit complicated at the back but even so, it’s still quite decent compared to what we’ve grown used to from the Japanese over the years.

The 22″ wheels complete the package and they also may be a bit too much, especially if you’re not riding over silky smooth roads all the time. And while the front grille does sport the M6 badge, rest assured that this isn’t aiming only at M models but it is compatible with all Gran Coupe offerings.