Lately, the combination of a white BMW M4 and bronze finished wheels has been the talk of the town! Not always in a good way.

With many aftermarket wheel manufacturers trying to establish themselves as the best wheel company out there, designing a flashy wheel might be the winning ticket.

The build we’re showing is not only getting new shoes but also a series of aero parts.

The wheels are custom machined with exact build specifications in mind. This means, whenever there is an order for a set of wheels, the particular overall size and width is taken into account which, together with the fitment, layout and configuration of the wheels, allowing the wheel company to create a perfect aftermarket solution for each build.

Mineral White BMW M3 With HRE Wheels 1

Therefore, the customer gets custom wheels close to OEM specifications, without impacting the performance of the car.

This particular set of wheels is the HRE P101 model. “HRE’s Series P1 combines the technical expertise from our championship-winning racing wheels with an uncompromised attention to detail creating the ultimate in lightweight, high-strength performance forged wheels,” says the wheel company. “This race-bred philosophy ensures enhanced braking, acceleration and handling while also reflecting your distinguished sense of style. Each model in HRE’s Series P1 is designed specifically for supercars, sports GTs, performance sedans and now available for SUVs.”

Considering the M4 is a high-performance vehicle, a set of lightweight custom forged wheels is the perfect selection for it. With the 3.0 liter engine delivering 420 horsepower, the need to keep the unhung weight of the vehicle low is required – a perfect chance for a set of lightweight HRE Performance Wheels to shine.

Mineral White BMW M3 With HRE Wheels 2

Mineral White BMW M3 With HRE Wheels 9

Mineral White BMW M3 With HRE Wheels 11

Finally, this vehicle received a set of H&R Lowering Springs that allow it to sit lower and offers better handling. The BMW M Performance gloss black kidney grilles and painted side markers complete the look, providing a clean and elegant solution the exterior design.

This elegant build was completed by European Auto Source and you can find more images of this build in the gallery we’ve added below.

Mineral White BMW M3 With HRE Wheels 4

Mineral White BMW M3 With HRE Wheels 3

Mineral White BMW M3 With HRE Wheels 5

Mineral White BMW M3 With HRE Wheels 12