The M235i is a great enthusiast car and thus a platform for modifications to help owners bridge the gap between a stock M235i and the upcoming BMW M2. We at BMWBLOG suspect there will be a big market for those M235i owners who want to personalize their ride.

Back in January when we drove the BMW M235i at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on the hard back and forth turns of the infield course, we felt the M235i handled great but noticed a fair amount of body roll.

Note in the track picture of the stock M235i how close the front air dam on the passenger side is to tarmac under hard cornering versus the drivers side.

No worries, H&R to the rescue! H&R is the supplier for the springs on the BMW M235i Race car. Given the huge R&D into the M235i chassis, H&R’s come with an advantage over other aftermarket springs. H&R is also directly involved in BMW Motorsport Racing.

The company released their Sport Springs for the M235i just three months after the M235i came to market. These lowering springs decrease the M235i ride height by approximately 1.0 inch, both to the front and rear. The H&R Sport Springs improve handling by lowering the center of gravity and decreasing body roll. An added benefit of these types of lowering springs is that they decrease the wheel arch wheel gap and in theory cuts through the wind easier given the cars lower stance.

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The H&R Sport Springs have a special progressive spring rate for reasonable ride comfort and yet still have performance gains. H&R is able to have a smaller wire diameter through use of inductively tempered steel. As with all H&R Springs, these springs are made in Germany.

The BMW M235i chassis is so good, it just screams for some tweaks to make it better with things such as the M Performance Limited Slip Differential and a lowered ride height that springs such as these H&R’s can provide. The owner of this Black Sapphire M235i also added 15mm wheel spacers and lugs to completely fill out the fenders.

H&R Sport Springs list at about $249 and are found at a number of aftermarket tuners and parts sites.