Simply by looking at the number of BMW X5M we have posted here lately one could easilly guess that aftermarket tuning is rather popular amongst the owner base of this vehicle.

We have a chance to show you a BMW X5M that is sporting some HRE Performance Wheels, TR45 model. This is a five-spoke wheel design, with a configuration that allows the wheels to be made out of a single piece of forged monoblock, making them more structurally resistant.

Just like it takes years to develop a luxury performance vehicle, the R&D on aftermarket wheels is quite extensive as well. The HRE forged luxury wheels are the perfect companion to any high-end vehicle. Selecting a wheel setup that caters to the weight, performance and design aspects of a performance vehicle like this is paramount in reaching the optimal appearance and performance with a new wheel setup completely.

BMW X5M HRE TR45 Wheels 01 750x500

HRE’s custom forged Luxury Wheel Collection provides the utmost strength, impact resistance and stiffness, while always providing the exclusivity and refined style demanded by today’s luxury car owner. Each model in HRE’s Luxury Wheel Collection is designed specifically for higher load rated vehicles such as SUVs, sport sedans and GT touring coupes. A BMW X5M fits the bill perfectly from our experience.

These HRE TR45 wheels shown here are sized 21″ all around and showcase a tinted brushed finish making them fit the black exterior of this vehicle quite well. Take a look at the photos we’ve added to our gallery and make sure to grab some wallpapers.

BMW X5M HRE TR45 Wheels 02 750x500

BMW X5M With HRE Performance Wheels