If you ever consider a BMW M3 a car that will be seen everywhere a few months after its public reveal and start of sales, you are probably right. As BMW makes such a great performance car, it is no wonder customers all over the world will be seeing some other happy owner in his BMW M4 running across their path sooner or later. This is where high-quality custom modifications like these ADV.1 Wheels come handy! It’s a perfect way to allow BMW M4 owners everywhere to select a wheel design, finish, size and pretty much everything from fitment to the way their car looks like with a single modification right there.

A true performance car like the BMW M4 shouldn’t be receiving anything but the utmost perfection. This means whenever a set of wheels is being added to a car, these have to be built and designed specifically for this application. In a lot of ways, going with a set of custom made forged wheels allows you to keep your performance or sometimes increase it, get a lightweight wheel solution that will provide a perfect way of modding your sports oriented vehicle.

M4 ADV1 5 750x468

With companies like ADV.1 Wheels, each of the wheels are meticulously engineered, designed and manufactured with that specific platform and actual application in mind. This means your wheels start of from a block of forged aluminum and are cut and finished in a way that reflects your particular request for your car entirely. Yes, they do come with a hefty price tag, but with that comes quality, performance and assurance that this is an aftermarket product you can trust completely.

M4 ADV1 7 535x750

As impressive as the BMW M4 platform is, the owner surely wanted to be gentle with the aftermarket tuning, and to also add something that will completely separate him from every other BMW M4 owner in the world right now!

A set of ADV05 M.V1 Competitions Spec wheels has been chosen and these look highly impressive in a dark bronze finish and look great sized 9×20 inch in the front and 11×20 inch at the back. Combine a lighter wheel weight with the exemplary looks together with increased performance, better braking and less unsprung weight, these are a great way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the owners.

This build was completed by a company from the Netherlands, Baan Velgen, with a photoshoot made available to us by Thomas Van Rooij Photography. Our intent is to keep you informed about high-performance aftermarket builds for select BMW applications in the future, so be sure to follow our tuning part of the website daily.