Visual differences between BMW X1 and X3

BMW X1 | August 28th, 2008 by 22

Yesterday I posted some new photos of what it seemed to be the next generation BMW X3. Without looking very closely at the spy shots, I assumed and was convinced that this is indeed the X3 and of course, the crazy camouflage didn’t help either. Later in the night, one of our dear readers sent me an interesting email.

According to Tom, the pictures were actually showing the 2009 BMW X1, based on the 3 Series Touring platform, and even though the spy photos of the X1 and X3 looked pretty similar, there will still quite some differences. To prove his point even more, he was kind to send me some comparison photos of the two future models, sporting the same pattern camouflage.

Before I will let you take a look at these shots, I cannot wonder if this will be an issue when the real car will be unveiled.  If the car will be positioned too close to each other, that might impact their sales. Too many similar options are not always the smart thing to do. Yes, I know that the X1 being built on the 3 Series Touring platform means that the car will be sporties and more fun to drive, but what if the new X3 starts to match that?

Thanks for the tip Tom who quoted Eni, a member of Germancarzone.

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