Visual differences between BMW X1 and X3

BMW X1 | August 28th, 2008 by 22

Yesterday I posted some new photos of what it seemed to be the next generation BMW X3. Without looking very closely at the spy shots, …

Yesterday I posted some new photos of what it seemed to be the next generation BMW X3. Without looking very closely at the spy shots, I assumed and was convinced that this is indeed the X3 and of course, the crazy camouflage didn’t help either. Later in the night, one of our dear readers sent me an interesting email.

According to Tom, the pictures were actually showing the 2009 BMW X1, based on the 3 Series Touring platform, and even though the spy photos of the X1 and X3 looked pretty similar, there will still quite some differences. To prove his point even more, he was kind to send me some comparison photos of the two future models, sporting the same pattern camouflage.

Before I will let you take a look at these shots, I cannot wonder if this will be an issue when the real car will be unveiled.  If the car will be positioned too close to each other, that might impact their sales. Too many similar options are not always the smart thing to do. Yes, I know that the X1 being built on the 3 Series Touring platform means that the car will be sporties and more fun to drive, but what if the new X3 starts to match that?

Thanks for the tip Tom who quoted Eni, a member of Germancarzone.

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22 responses to “Visual differences between BMW X1 and X3”

  1. Benny says:

    I guess we have to admit that this kind of camouflage is very very good…

  2. Horatiu B. says:

    @Benny: No doubt, they inspire others from what I’ve seen. I did notice yesterday that one of them had a lower ride and I was about to mention that, but then I thought maybe just a different set of wheels, or suspension. But the differences are minimal with the camouflage on.

  3. Sba says:

    Can’t see a difference in size..

  4. Giom says:

    Must admit, to me it looks like they are the other way around.

    What are the assumtions based on – which one is the X1 and which one is the X3?

    What you refer to as the X1 to me looks like the bigger one…?

  5. Eric says:

    I think they had too many SUVs on the market with just the X5. Now there is an X1, X3, X5, and X6? Gone are the days of when BMW simply meant the ultimate driving machine.

  6. adood84 says:

    I think the last two pics are wrong (side views) , the one before last is the X1 and the last one is the X3 . If you look at it the one before last the distance between the wheel and the rear bumper is shorter, plus its seems to have a short wheel base as its near as long as the white line on the street and usually that isn’t very long

  7. MarcAnthony says:

    I dont know if is just me but the X1 photos look awfully similar to a big SAV version of the E87??? It looks like an inflated 1er hatchback. Just IMHO.

  8. Artmic says:

    Is it me or is BMW running out of ideas?

    I think both cars are useless.

  9. Horatiu B. says:

    @adood84: the caption is a little confusing, so the name of the photo is actually underneath the picture. Bad positioning, I know, but here is an easier way to tell between these two: look at the watermarks on the photos, the ones with Car Spionage on them are the X1.

  10. George says:

    Great post Horatiu thanks! Do you have by any chance the dimensions of the X1 and the new X3? If the X1 has a 480 lt trunk, then I think that it will sell like hot cakes in Europe.

  11. rsxlmz says:

    sorry ı dont know more say these cars not same car maybe you right.but if first one is x1 and second car is x3 what this car plesae look at this link

  12. rsxlmz says:

    sorry guys ı dont know more english then forgive me
    somethings look wrong .ı thnik in the first photos car is a x1 and second photos is a x3 because if second car is a bmw x1. this car can not big than x3.
    look attentively the x1 back door and baggage line looks like big than other car

  13. rsxlmz says:

    and ı see some guys (adood84) thinks like me

  14. George says:

    @rsxlmz:I think you are right. In the last two photos the so called X1 is bigger than the X3. I think it is the other way arround!

  15. Horatiu B. says:

    @George: :) Ok, the last photo is definitely the X1. Click on the photo and look at the wheels: 5 spokes. Now click on the first photo and you will see 6 spokes, that’s the X3.
    The point of these photos is that it will be pretty confusing to all the BMW buyers on which car will be a better buy.

  16. Giom says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    No Horatiu. The first pic is also X1. Like I said in my previous reply, reply #4, Just swop all the titles around on these pics – to me it’s clear as daylight. The X3 is wearing the 5 spokes in all these pics. It is visibly the bigger car.

  17. Horatiu B. says:

    @Giom: I actually just confirmed this with someone close to BMW, the first still is the X3. Look at the hatch type rear end, like a slope.

  18. Giom says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    Ok, but in the very first pic there’s no roof railing on that car (Like the first pic of every duo). The very last pic there is a roof railing on that car. Those rails are a constant throughout the fotos.

    I hope I’m expressing myself clear enough -english is not my first language, so bear with me please.

    This person close to BMW, is he from Germany? Is he working with these prototypes? If he’s not, I guess he knows as much as we do. These prototypes are very top secret even within the group. Only these guys (the techs and mechs) really know what they’re testing.

  19. Horatiu B. says:

    @Giom: LOL Ok Giom, I think I will put a title on each photo cause I see the confusion. The first photo has no railing, yes, that’s the X3 and the last one with rails, is the X1. It goes like this: X3->X1->X3->X1->X3->X1 . The caption for each photo sits underneath the picture and not on the top, after the last photo, you will see the X1 caption.

    Giom, you’re doing fine, that’s why I like to respond to comments and to discuss things, it makes the blog more interesting. I am wrong sometimes, and I admit it :)

    Yes, he is from Germany. The X1 is not such a huge secret there, I was told that many test mules can be seen around Munich, especially since it will be unveiled next month.

    But yes, these photos are WAY TOO confusing.

  20. Horatiu B. says:

    @Giom: Got your email :) Still believe the photos are assigned the same way. I found a similar statement on Germancarzone, I’ll post the link when I find it again. I will post your photo also, so people can see how close these 2 models will be positioned.

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