BMW X6 Official Photos

BMW X6 | September 11th, 2007 by 69

Update: Latest X6 Photos High Quality BMW X6 The BMW X6 official photos have been released to the press. BMW has finally unveiled its brand …

Update: Latest X6 Photos

High Quality BMW X6

The BMW X6 official photos have been released to the press. BMW has finally unveiled its brand new model X6 coupe-crossover, a combination between a Sport Activity Vehicle and a coupe. BMW will be the first automaker to bring such an SAV to market, although other automakers are said to be planning similar coupe-like utility vehicles.

The BMW X6 was presented at the IAA in Frankfurt. Like the M3, it is being billed as concept, but a nearly identical production vehicle is expected to arrive in dealerships in early 2008.

In a recent video, Exterior designer Pierre Leclercq says the X6 is “a real sports car,” true to BMW’s tradition. “There’s nothing like this on the market right now.”

BMW X6 Official Photos

The BMW X6 is longer and a lower than the new X5, but in the same time offering only 4 seats. The econd-row headroom and rear cargo volume are both compromised and it might draw some criticism based on that. But what the sporty X6 loses in seating and storage, it is expected gain in performance.

BMW X6 Official Photos

BMW X6 Official Photos

BMW X6 Official Photos

BMW X6 Official Photos

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  • Sport Cars

    wow, thats why the BMW is my favorite manufacturer, the X5 was a great vehicle but X6 is just amazing, nice design which make it look different from all other SUV’s

  • jad habr

    can i have a free x6???
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

  • hkn

    BMW ıs very bad car.why use this consept?Bmw’s needs very creative designer.

    • yanki italia

      hai you are only one time drive becase this car so wonderfull beautifull

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  • hooman banaei

    very nice car, i can see in iran, can i have free x6 :) !!!!!????

    • saba

      hi hooman
      manam azina mikham khoshbehale una ke savar mishan

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  • x6

    realy wow wow wow car. was ist das ? ein auto oder was ?!

  • hussain

    its fucking beautiful car n… sooooooooooooooo coool car .. now it became my dream car i saw it infront of me b4 3 days its really more more more beautiful infront of u .. not as pc. pictures ….

  • Horatiu B.

    Hussain, I agree, the car is beautiful and it drives amazing

  • Luiz

    This car is WONDERFUL, it’s so cool it hurts, the design is beyond compare and it’s a miracle on wheels. But think. I saw one on the streets of Turin the other day (maybe it was from a car dealer which brought the news around town) it looks like a Coupè in scale 2:1… it’s like a giant reproduction of a wonderful, normal-sized sportscar.
    What’s the point in getting everything so bigger and bigger? Am I the only one who lives in a stupid crowded town and the problem of parking a car is pretty HEAVY each day? Help me know… because I am worried as much as I love cars.

  • kambiz

    I Love You (BMW)

  • fredj x6

    belle extra bmw x6 mala ka3ba moch normal

  • jamil


  • vahram

    its a replicat of infiniti.and it has a weird ass.

  • ike

    it’s an amazing machine. i’ve never seen any like it in my seems the judgement day is here. the machines are taking over.

  • paijo_indonesia

    wow…thats prety cool..
    but too bad its too cheap for me….

  • donjeta

    ooooooooooooooooooooooshum car i bukur

  • donjeta

    o shum kerr i keq se nuk osht i jemi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Babes

    its the ugliest car I have ever seen….

  • ericos

    wow is the finest,i think i will buy one

  • ATL


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  • Rahail Salamat

    Awesome Car. I love it. BMW Rocks.. When I first saw it, I was stunned.. The car is all curve – like the curves of a beautiful woman…. Kudos. BMW is the best car manufacturing in the world. Way better than Mercedes and everyone else.

    I wish they can arrange a BMW X6 contest where people would design the future model of BMW X6 and the winner will get X6 as the prize.. I wish..

  • Dwi Brata

    That’s my car!^^

  • http://BMW George

    I think that the BMW administration hasn’t created the car like X6 for century…..

  • ji hwan lee

    i am gane x6 soon i can wait to drive my x6,

  • Buleh

    wow!!!!!!!! i love BIG cars like tht one YOH! ivumila DAMN!!!!!!!!! n m HAPPY my dad love BMW cars sure he’l buy that one. YOh yOh YoH!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://kaltroshja fatlind

    ueeeeeeeeeeeee far kerri i mir koka be a

  • http://kali fatlind

    kerri ma i mmir ne bin
    hahahahhaahh po ti kkali je be po ty nuk te pelqen ti kali ma i mir se kejt bota

  • simon

    i’m crazy bout d x6

  • Rethabile Moroaswi

    I’m definately impressed and fully blown by the rear view and stylish design. I think this monster is a real beauty. YOU ROOOOOOOOOOOCK BMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rethabile Moroaswi

    In every invention there is a phylogenic history, and this right here is farmost the best used concept ever. To you hkn, please learn how to spell concept not consept then you will know how the automotive industry works. we dont just wake up and be that creative but a lot of things are taken into consideration. I’m only a student but i do recognise a great design when i do see one. No hard feelings hkn but i give BMW thumbs up. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • farshad

    its my dreames car .

  • keş

    vallaha orusbu dölüyüm ki bu arabaya bitiyom kız olsam veriridim vallahi billahi tallahi boyar güzelki aru uru uru uru

  • http://xc garbeil

    carro doido muleki!

  • Joe

    Infact this is what is called wheels..looks much smart as if it can fly…Great job so far…Sweet Beemaah.

  • Aaron and Zoe

    Me n my gurl love this car so much, Dream car for both of us.

  • Mehdi

    its really nce, but its not the first Coupe SUV !


    when i saw the car i stand in front of it and wonder whether i will get it one day. the car is amazing and coooooool

  • bmw x6

    I won’t this car 8-)

  • http://BMWX6,xDriveforever!!! Thula740

    You “Babes” are crazy, you dont appreciate the finer things in life. X6 is the stuff dreams are made, and if you think its the ugliest car you have ever seen then, damn, its either theres something wrong with you, or theres something wrong with the rest of us!!!

  • bardo boy

    karhba tbaki wallah!!!

  • dunga

    the car is butifu its really more more more beautiful infront of u .. not as pc. pictures ….

  • christiano freitas

    isso é um carro….sem comentários!!!!!!


    WOOOW????????????? I love it and the X 5

  • http://gtyt ashwinnithish

    will u give me this carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • http://gtyt NITHISH

    I love this car, it drrves smooooooooothly

  • http://gtyt ASHWIN


  • boycee!!!

    Well ive just been told by my dealer that its left the factory in the USA and will be with me in 4 weeks!!!! HAPPY DAYS…..

    • salio

      it’s a quenoterie

  • Herlon

    When i saw for the first time the X6. I realy make me in love, but in Brasil it1s very expensive. BMW can you lend me a X6 for 5 or 10 years ahahahaha

  • Zakiss

    When i speak about BMW car i say ‘she’ not ‘it’ because she was real friend of mine, but my best is 3 series, i had one and i was happy with her, now i hope to get one but i can’t.(short of money).

  • http://krejzibrenjeri ceti235

    ma mir qe nuk e ekam ket vetur se smuj ju jap hall femnave ahahahaha

  • admir

    oooo shummm kerr i fort donjeta a…….. edhe mu po mpelqen njerii ooo its a good car its realy wonderful

  • scho


  • kreshnik

    shum vetur e fort po ka edhe me te mir

  • nafis

    Hi , i wish one day GOD give me a lot of money and at first i will give some of them to poor people and after that i buy this nice car . i hope that day not be very far from today .

  • sepideh

    hi , i hope for u nafis . i know one day GOD gives u . u can buy this .
    every thing is posible if GOD wants:)

  • ooooooo

    who can buy this for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????

  • pedram

    vagean ali ast ye rozi mishe manam savar in mashin beshavam jozve arezohame


    Infact i need this car in less than 24 hours from today and NOW.Please.

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  • rahul sharma

    woww gr8 soon i”ll gt my x6

  • Vladotintor

    ides u kurac  :D

  • Stellahogutu

    wow damn BMW you guys are just the most outstanding car industry in the world keep up the good work and i hope one day i will get to drive one of those beautiful cars…