Frozen Tulum Blue is so rare that you can’t even find it on the dedicated BMW Individual Visualizer website. Codenamed P98, the matte color has been applied onto a 2025 M3 Competition Sedan that’s up on display at the BMW Welt. As if the paint job wasn’t special enough, this facelifted G80 is also brimming with M Performance Parts. It is missing the center-mounted quad exhaust, but maybe that’s for the better since the stacked tips look controversial.

Flaunting a carbon fiber body kit with a massive rear wing, the M3 LCI looks the part. I’ve honestly never been a fan of black wheels, so it’s refreshing to see this silver set. Featuring a Y-spoke design, these 1063 M lightweight alloys are combined with the optional carbon-ceramic brakes with their signature gold-painted calipers.

With beefy side skirts and carbon winglets, the car looks muscular from the side. We could do without the dual canards on the front bumper as we reckon those look the best on race cars. BMW went to town with the optional goodies, even fitting a red tow strap featuring “the world’s most powerful letter.” The M Performance decal behind the front wheels is surprisingly subtle.

Because this showcar from Munich is an xDrive variant, it has a power advantage over its rear-wheel-drive sibling. With the 2025MY, BMW has gifted the all-paw M3 an extra 20 horsepower for a grand total of 523 hp. The RWD Competition version soldiers on with 503 hp while the base model with a stick makes do with 473 hp. The even more potent M3 CS with 543 hp is already gone from the lineup since it was a one-year-only special edition.

Although the 2025 M3 brings several tweaks, the laser taillights of the 2025 M4 are not on the list. It comes as a disappointment considering you can get them on a lesser 4 Series that’s not an M model. The 3D-effect rear lights are also offered on the 4 Series Gran Coupe and the fully electric i4.

The 2025 M3 Sedan and Touring will enter series production in July.

[Photos: / PSI]