We’re just getting used to the new X3 M50 but BMW M is already redirecting our attention to its next major debut. Come June 26, the wraps will finally come off the next-generation M5. Codenamed G90, the super sedan emerges from the shadows in a new teaser video. As with many other recent models from Munich, the kidneys have an illuminated contour.

We can’t see much but this featured car seems to have a matte paint job. The clip focuses solely on the sedan because the G99 Touring won’t be unveiled until later in the year. BMW has promised to show a new M car on August 15 at Pebble Beach, potentially the long-roof M5. Meanwhile, the performance division reiterates the AMG E63 fighter will rock a plug-in hybrid V8.

This seventh-generation M5 sedan will give birth to only the third wagon ever and the first coming to the United States. Sadly, Americans didn’t get the rare E34 or the V10-powered E61. In addition, the US is also missing out on the smaller M3 Touring G81. In general, BMW wagons have been few and far between stateside. It seems that only the G99 has had its US visa approved, without any of the lesser G61 models. However, dealers have been asking for a high-end 5 Series Touring.

With several days to go until the big debut, BMW might want to roll out even more teasers on social media to hype up the G90. From previous reports, we’re expecting the new M5 to be the largest, heaviest, and most powerful of them all. Although a performance sedan at heart, it’s going to have an electric range of 43 miles (70 kilometers), according to CEO Oliver Zipse.

The M5s are highly unlikely to be the last new BMWs to get a V8 engine. We’re hearing the next-generation X5, X6, and X7 will keep all eight cylinders. Well, at least in the United States. The SUVs are likely to be bitten by the downsizing bug in Europe where there are tougher emissions regulations.

Source: BMW M / Instagram