The 92nd 24 Hours of Le Mans was a letdown for fans of the BMW M Hybrid V8. However, it was an excellent occasion to show off some of the latest road-going M models. The 2025 M2 and M4 CS were there, along with the forthcoming M5. The super sedan eschewed the typical BMW camouflage in favor of a special M livery.

None other than M boss Frank van Meel got behind the wheel of the G90 and led a parade that included past generations of the M5. Riding shotgun in one of the cars was Julie Mehretu. The New York-based contemporary artist was responsible for the design of the 20th Art Car. Eagle-eyed readers will notice the side graphics on the upcoming M5 show the reveal date: 26.06.2024. That means that in a week from Wednesday, we’ll finally see the sports sedan without any disguise.

BMW didn’t miss the occasion to showcase what is arguably its most controversial M car as the XM was also on Circuit de la Sarthe. There is a connection between the new M5 and the SUV since the former will inherit the latter’s plug-in hybrid setup. The sedan will employ a variation of the electrified V8 setup, believed to push out more than 700 horsepower.

It won’t step on the XM Label’s toes but it should have more punch than the regular XM. Although it was easily the most powerful M5 of the bunch, it didn’t have the largest engine. That title goes to the E60 with its naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V10. Nevertheless, the “S68” twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 and electric motor will comfortably outpunch the glorious S85.

The G90 was by far the heaviest M5 of the parade, with reports indicating it’ll tip the scales at over 2.4 tons (nearly 5,400 pounds). The G99 Touring arriving later this year is likely going to be even heavier. We may see the wagon on August 15 when BMW has promised to show a new M car at Pebble Beach. That would be logical considering the long-roof M is coming to the United States and Canada.

Source: BMW M / Instagram