Earlier this year, Mansory teased the automotive world with digital renderings of their wild forged carbon fiber offering for the BMW XM. Now, the renowned tuner has completed their first build, and the result is nothing short of imposing. It’s fair to say that the BMW XM now looks extremely “squared up.” While the front bumper remains the OEM version, it has undergone enhancements with various attachments around its multiple vents and the addition of an integrated apron-like piece at the lower end. Mansory has also revamped the grille surround and introduced a more aggressive hood, offering a stark contrast to the standard component. Of course, there are plenty of carbon fiber components now adorning the car.

Moving towards the rear, the updates become even more noticeable. New trim on the wheel arches gives the vehicle a broader stance than the stock model, and additional matching add-ons can be seen on the side skirts and lower sections of the doors. At the back, Mansory has retained the signature stacked exhaust pipe layout but incorporated a new carbon fiber diffuser for a sportier aesthetic. The tailgate-mounted spoiler and prominent roof wing complete the rear modifications, enhancing the squareness of this XM.

The transformation is completed with a set of forged Mansory wheels, likely 23 inches or more in size. Mansory has dialed up the insanity with over-the-top details like the massive roof spoiler, beefy side skirt extensions, and the exposed carbon fiber section of the new hood. The result is a bold, look-at-me design that is sure to appeal to those who love the attention-grabbing presence of the XM. In addition to the aesthetic upgrades, Mansory has installed new forged wheels which look completely different than the stock ones, thanks to a closed-off design.

Now if you need even more customizations, the tuning company says that a bespoke interior design can be delivered as well. But for now, there are no images of what that interior could potentially look like.

There are no details about a potential power bump, but the standard version of the XM hardly needs one. With a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine dialed to 644 hp and the XM Label packing 738 hp, the vehicle is already a powerhouse. For markets with high taxes on large-displacement engines, BMW also offers an XM 50e with an inline-six, combining a smaller 3.0-liter engine with an electric motor to deliver 469 hp.

[Photos: Mansory]