The M4 CS may be the talk of the M Town these days but its sedan counterpart is only now making its debut in Brazil. Even though BMW unveiled the M3 CS back in January 2023, enthusiasts from the South American country had to wait for the four-door rocket for nearly a year and a half.  Now that it’s finally here, you’d better act fast because only 17 cars are available.

The M3 CS is a limited-run affair since BMW is making anywhere between 1,700 to 2,000 cars for the whole world. It’s going to be a similar story with the recently introduced M4 CS. We expect a similar strategy for the M3 CS Touring coming in 2025 as a hardcore wagon. These three cars have 543 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The trio is also marginally lighter thanks to more standard carbon bits and a titanium rear silencer.

Some would argue that the M3 CS is beginning to look a bit outdated considering it has the old headlights. It uses the pre-LCI setup with laser tech whereas the M4 CS has an adaptive matrix LED setup instead. In addition, the high-performance coupe gets laser taillights as standard. Brazilians can order the car in this striking Signal Green color. Alternatives include Frozen Solid White, Sapphire Black, and Brooklyn Grey.

Buying the M3 CS in Brazil is predictably a costly endeavor. BMW wants R$1,299,950, which works out to about $252,200 at current exchange rates. That makes the US version a bargain by comparison, at $118,700. While you might be tempted to say BMW Brazil is being particularly greedy, the huge difference in pricing stems from other factors. It primarily comes down to high taxation and impacts just about all cars. If the M4 CS makes it to Brazil, that one’s going to cost a not-so-small fortune as well.

Source: BMW