For good reason, Skytop is BMW’s highlight at the 2024 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. However, it’s not the only novelty to travel from Munich to Lake Como in Italy. The M4 CS is there as well, looking mean and green in a matte Individual paint. The “baddest” G82 money can buy looks great with yellow daytime running lights and the exposed carbon fiber sections.

Since it’s positioned at the top of the food chain, it has all the toys of the 2025 M4 facelift, plus the rear seats the CSL didn’t have. Like the Competition Sport Lightweight, the new CS has only two pedals but that automatic transmission routes power to both axles instead of just the rear wheels. It boasts the matrix LED headlights and laser taillights introduced with the M4 LCI, albeit the CSL and the rare 3.0 CSL had similar 3D-esque rear lights.

You’re not stuck with this Frozen Isle of Man Green paint because BMW also offers another Individual color – Riviera Blue. If that hue doesn’t float your boat either, Sapphire Black and M Brooklyn Grey regular metallic paints are available as well. The car we shot during a rainy day at Villa d’Este had the forged wheels in matte gold bronze but you can opt for a matte black look as well.

The carbon fiber bits contribute to a weight loss of about 20 kilograms compared to the M4 Competition Coupe xDrive. Approximately four kilograms are shaved off by fitting a titanium rear silencer for the upgraded exhaust. Naturally, the front bucket seats are standard on the M4 CS, and so is the carbon roof. On a regular M4, you can have more comfortable seats and a metal top with an electrically sliding sunroof.

The M4 CS will be a rare sight, not just because it costs $124,675. Like the M3 CS Sedan before it, it’ll have a limited production. BMW hasn’t said how many it intends to build but we’ve heard that fewer than 2,000 units will be assembled. Should you want the same recipe in a more practical package, the M3 CS Touring arrives next year. It’ll only be sold in regions where the G81 is offered. Sadly, North America is not on the list.