In case you’ve been wondering what a fully loaded 5 Series Touring looks like, this is pretty much it. This money-is-no-object G61 is an i5 M60 decked out with M Performance Parts. Someone at BMW went to town while configuring the electric performance wagon, which is expensive to begin with. In Germany, the base long-roof i5 M60 starts at a pricey €101,500.

We spent some quality time with this lavishly equipped i5 M60 Touring equipped with 21-inch wheels (Style 943 M) featuring a two-tone finish. BMW fitted its floating hub caps that always show the roundel in the right position, much like on a Rolls-Royce or a MINI. As if the shoes weren’t already special enough, the valve caps bear the M logo. Lurking from behind are the red calipers of the upgraded M Performance brakes.

That front attachment in carbon fiber is one of the numerous M Performance Parts fitted to this i5 M60 wagon. The prominent side skirts are also from carbon, as are the mirrors you get as standard on the M Performance. The generously kitted EV comes with a glossy black roof spoiler and carbon fiber rear fins.

Other goodies vary from an aramid fiber antenna cover and diffuser inserts to accent stripes in Frozen Black running along the sides of the car. BMW also spruced up the posh cabin with M Performance-branded floor mats and carbon fiber sill plates.

The German luxury brand has decided against bringing the 5 Series/i5 Touring to North America but we’re getting something even better. The M5 wagon has been officially confirmed for the United States and Canada. The G99 is scheduled to break cover later this year, following the G90 sedan’s debut sometime in June.

US dealers also want a high-end 5 Series Touring, be it the M60 or a gas version with an inline-six. Bernd Körber, Senior Vice President BMW Brand and Product Management, Connected Company, told us it would take 2-3 years. That’s provided it’ll get the green light from the higher-ups.