To coincide with the start of i5 Touring deliveries in the United Kingdom, BMW set up a photo shoot with the hottest G61 of them all. With no V8-powered M550i wagon this generation, the fully electric i5 M60 assumes the role of the M Lite estate. This right-hand-drive car highlighted by the automaker’s UK division wears the eye-catching Fire Red paint. In the United States, this color is marketed as Vegas Red.

The family man’s EV from Bavaria doesn’t come cheap in the UK where the i5 M60 Touring starts at £99,995. At least you won’t be paying extra for the attractive color but those 21-inch wheels cost an additional £1,500. Alternatively, you can stick to one of the three standard 20-inch alloys available without a premium. This electric sports wagon also has carbon mirror caps available for £920. To sweeten the pot, you also get a rear spoiler in carbon for your money’s worth.

Should you want that panoramic sunroof, it’ll add another £1,600 to the final bill. That means you’ll be paying six figures on an i5 M60 Touring even before adding options inside. Speaking of which, BMW UK fitted the cabin with the optional £400 carbon fiber trim adorned with silver threads and a glossy finish. We’re also noticing the £600 Crafted Clarity Controls, which is marketing jargon for crystal-like controls. You’ll see the jewel-esque look on the volume control, start/stop knob, gear selector, and the iDrive controller.

BMW UK didn’t splurge on the upholstery, deciding instead to stick to the base Veganza. This artificial leather is finished in black, but it can be had in brown or white as well. Real leather is available as an Individual upgrade for a steep £2,100. The i5 M60 can also be configured with a combination of cloth and Alcantara as a no-cost option.

The long-roof 5 Series wagon without a combustion engine won’t remain the most expensive Touring for much longer. BMW will introduce an M5 estate (G99) before the year’s end and that’ll certainly cost more. Meanwhile, the M5 sedan (G90) arrives in the coming weeks.

Source: BMW UK