When BMW gave the M4 a facelift earlier this year, it chose to showcase the G83 Convertible in Velvet Orchid in the official images. Similarly, the M4 LCI we filmed at the Welt in Munich had this eye-catching Individual paint and a folding top. But what about the coupe? A right-hand-drive example has touched down in the UK where a dealer is showing off the high-end G82.

We’re dealing with a hotter Competition model featuring the new lights introduced with the mid-cycle facelift. At the front, the adaptive matrix LEDs replace the old laser setup while keeping the blue inner accents. At the rear, the laser taillights are derived from those fitted to the M4 CSL and the uber-rare 3.0 CSL.

2025 BMW M4 Coupe Velvet Orchid / https://www.instagram.com/tim1king/

That carbon roof is standard on all flavors of the 2025 M4 but you can opt for a steel roof without paying more. Why would anyone want to do that? Because the heavier panel comes with an electrically operated glass sliding roof. Should you want that, BMW paints the roof in glossy black, regardless of the car’s main body color.

We’re still not big fans of all-black wheels, but I guess they work in the case of these newer BMWs with all the dark body trims. Although these images focus on the exterior, it’s easy to notice this 2025 M4 had the standard seats wrapped in Merino leather with a Silverstone/Black theme. This is certainly one of the most daring specs we’ve seen so far of the facelifted G82/G83.

BMW just launched a new M4 CS but there are some downsides. Aside from being notably more expensive and an automatic- and xDrive-only affair, it comes with only a few customization options. You’re limited to just four colors, a sole wheel design in two finishes, and a black/red-only interior. With a lesser G82, you could spend hours configuring the car exactly how you want it.

Source: tim1king / Instagram