BMW says the United States represents the biggest market for the M4 Convertible, followed by Germany and the UK. Although France isn’t among the most significant regions for G83 sales, it’s one of the first countries to have the updated cabrio on public display. Exhibited this weekend at a car show in Beaune, this droptop is painted in an Individual color.

Dressed to impress in Dravit Grey, the M4 Convertible LCI is an upgraded version with adaptive LED headlights. Going for the superior lights with the matrix LED high-beam unlocks the option to get the laser taillights. While they’re not the same as on the M4 CSL from 2022, the 3D effect is instantly familiar. Less noticeable are the updated badges at the back with a different contour compared to the pre-LCI model.

While Dravit Grey isn’t one of the most exciting BMW colors, this car’s interior looks flashy. Much like the exterior paint, the Fiona Red leather upholstery is an Individual upgrade. This M4 also happens to have the body-hugging carbon bucket seats available at an additional cost. With the 2025 model year, there’s now a new-ish steering wheel with a red 12 o’clock mark and a flat bottom.

The walkaround video is a good opportunity to check out the revised central air vents. BMW changed the toggles to adjust the airflow and it also added contour lighting. In this specification for the French market, the M4 Convertible costs a whopping €147,620. As with all G83s, it’s a Competition model with xDrive as standard.

If reports are to be believed, convertibles might not be long for this world. The Z4 roadster and the larger 8 Series Convertible are reportedly going away in a couple of years. The 4 Series Convertible is apparently not going to be renewed either, at least not with combustion engines. However, it would be odd for BMW not to have at least one model with a folding top, so we’re not losing all hope.

Source: Planet Car News / YouTube