BMW has already confirmed that there will be an electric M3… eventually. It’ll be based on the Neue Klasse platform and should hit the market before the end of the decade. We’ve heard it’s internally codenamed “ZA0” and could be out as early as 2027 or 2028. The final name won’t be iM3 since the German division has said it won’t combine the two letters.

Ahead of its release several years from now, the first-ever fully electric M has been speculatively rendered. An independent artist has sent us his digital design exercise based on the 2023 Vision Neue Klasse sedan concept. As one would expect from a true M product, it has bulging wheel arches as part of a wide-body kit.

Image by @fully_leaded

The size of the front air intake and rear diffuser has been exaggerated for a dramatic effect. We’re not expecting such an overly aggressive look on the actual electric M3. Similarly, BMW M is unlikely to install those chunky side skirts on the real thing. The cutouts in the rear bumper to partially expose the wheels are a nice touch. While a trunk lid spoiler seems plausible, it definitely won’t be as big as depicted here.

It remains to be seen whether BMW M will release a concept before showing the production model. Even if that’s the case, it won’t happen anytime soon. The zero-emission M is rumored to have somewhere in the region of 700 horsepower. This all-new platform can accommodate dual- and quad-motor setups, so hotter derivatives could pack an even greater punch.

Don’t go into thinking that an electric M3 is going to kill the gas model right away. The EV and ICE are expected to peacefully coexist for many years. The “G84” M3 with an inline-six is allegedly planned for a 2027-2028 release. It would be based on the next-generation, CLAR-based 3 Series Sedan (“G50”) with an evolution of the “S58” engine.

Although this rendering illustrates a sedan, sources close to Munich have told us that there will be a wagon as well. The electric M3 Touring is being developed as the “ZA1” and is likely to come out at least a year after the sedan.

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