BMW’s revival of the Neue Klasse is already winning awards, even before production starts. The sedan concept introduced last year managed to beat nine other vehicles to secure the Car Design Award 2024. It had to face some stiff competition since some interesting show cars also competed for the same coveted title:

  • Alpine A290
  • Audi Activesphere
  • Cupra Dark Rebel
  • Kia EV3
  • Lamborghini Lanzador
  • Lancia Pu+Ra
  • Mazda Iconic SP
  • Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven
  • Toyota FT-Se

The Vision Neue Klasse is a window into the future of a 3 Series-sized electric sedan coming in 2026. The all-new EV is going to be manufactured in Munich and will be a global model. The current i3 sedan is a long-wheelbase 3 Series made and sold exclusively in China. Expect a smoother design with fewer creases and angles. However, it’s unlikely to be as sleek as the concept since BMW will mount regular mirrors, thicker B-pillars, and the usual sensors and cameras.

New iDrive

The Vision Neue Klasse also previewed a minimalist cabin with the tenth generation of iDrive. Yes, BMW will revamp its infotainment yet again. These future EVs will have a large central touchscreen and a head-up display as wide as the windshield. It’s called the Panoramic Vision and will have six configurable sections. The sedan did away with the driver’s instrument cluster since its role was taken by the high-tech HUD.

Elsewhere, there will be even fewer conventional controls inside the cabin of BMW’s Neue Klasse cars. The German luxury brand has already confirmed the iDrive controller won’t be installed in these EVs. We’ve learned the few buttons mounted on the steering wheel will be used to access most functions of the infotainment.

Six Neue Klasse Models By 2028

BMW will roll out at least six NK-based models by 2028. The next-gen iX3 crossover will get the ball rolling in 2025, followed by the i3 in 2026. We’re hearing there’s also going to be an i3 Touring and an iX4. All these EVs will embrace the new design language with a simplified approach inside and out.

Source: Adrian van Hooydonk / Instagram