The legendary BMW M3 appears set to continue its legacy. Sources indicate that BMW is likely planning a next-generation M3, with the internal designation G84, slated for release in the 2027-2028 timeframe. Even though it’s not confirmed by BMW, this development aligns with expectations, especially in light of the upcoming G50 3 Series, which is scheduled to debut in late 2026. However, the more significant news is the apparent absence of plans for a new combustion-engine BMW M4. As of now, there seem to be no intentions to introduce a successor to the current M4 with a traditional internal combustion engine. As always, nothing is considered official until confirmed by BMW, and production plans may be subject to alterations up to 18 months prior to the commencement of production.

G84 M3 Based on G50 3 Series

The new G84 M4 will allegedly be sold alongside the first-ever electric M3 (chassis code ZA0) which is likely to arrive after 2027. There aren’t any tech specs to share at the moment, but the BMW M3 (G84) is expected to continue using the S58 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine.  As we know, the S68 is planned to be Euro 7 compliant, aligning with stricter emissions standards set to take effect in 2025. It’s expected that the G84 M3 based on the G50 CLAR platform will not arrive until late 2027, early 2028. This timeline also makes sense considering that the current G80/G82 M3/M4 are planned to stay in production until Spring 2027. A facelift of the BMW M3 will be unveiled this year as well, following the design updates of the M4.

Electric and ICE M3s Side-by-Side

The product strategy around a new ICE BMW M3 makes more sense now than ever. The electric car market is cooling off and we’ve already seen plenty automakers backtracking their commitments to go fully electric by 2030. Additionally, some markets, such as Britain, have pushed back bans on new internal combustion engine (ICE) cars until 2035, therefore BMW and other automakers will indeed have some breathing room to adapt to changing regulations and consumer preferences.

The prospect of having two distinct versions of the M3 is particularly thrilling. On one hand, enthusiasts of high-performance electric vehicles can look forward to the remarkable power of an electric M3. On the other hand, traditionalists who appreciate the classic engine roar have the option to stick with a combustion-engine M3 that delivers great sound.